Recommended Treatment

Early therapy with a speech pathologist can improve your child’s ability to communicate with others and reduce their frustration at not being understood. Therapy is usually most successful where it happens several times a week. While some children largely overcome CAS with therapy, some find therapy improves their ability to communicate but is unable to change the concentration CAS demands or the tiredness it can cause.

The type of therapy will depend on:

  • the child’s symptoms
  • their age
  • the severity of their condition, and
  • any other health or development problems they have.

You or your child may also benefit from seeing:

  • Psychologists or counsellors if you or they are struggling to cope.
  • Occupational therapists or physiotherapists if your child also has fine and gross movement challenges
  • Neuropsychologists if your child also has trouble with attention, memory or other cognitive issues
  • Professional content written by Associate Professor Angela Morgan, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute University of Melbourne Australia